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Ksenia Kamikaza, the founder of UNDER festival and Platz für Tanz label, is one of the main moving forces of rave culture in Latvia. You cannot imagine local showcases of Gegen, Voxnox or Boiler Room without her boundless sets. Spinning records in places like fabric.London, Dommune in Tokyo, Sziget in Budapest or Kit Kat in Berlin, losing herself in music and dust at Burning Man, Ksenia varies from techno to ambient, from dark disco to IDM. She puts listeners on a rhythm and sound journey you cannot leave once you have stepped in.

Domestically originating from a line of musician, Ksenia spent her early years digging deeper into electronic & experimental music completing the collection of ambient, deep house, nu jazz and IDM records. In 2003, that was an inspiration for her to start the INTELLIGENT BEATS radio show still broadcasting on Radio Naba in Riga.

In year 2007 Ksenia founded the Platz für Tanz collective to bring international sound of electronic music to Latvia. Throughout the years, the label has collaborated with Dasha Rush, Paula Temple, Anastasia Kristensen, Kr!z, Claudio PRC, Matrixxman, Bloody Mary, Projekt Gestalten, Answer Code Request, Etapp Kyle and a list of significant artists follows. Ksenia challenges the most unexpected places for her events: trains, airports, libraries and even churches, — proving that techno is not only music, but the true cultural phenomena.

As a music producer Ksenia Kamikaza has released several EPs, in year 2015 coming to her debut album “Japanese Georgians”, which has been true musical experimentation and self-expression: it includes Ksenia’s love and vision of downtempo, IDM, broken beats and techno. The second album “Pirveli Sitkvebi” in collaboration with Georgian artist Antiproject followed in 2022.

In year 2017 Ksenia and a team of true music fans have organized the first electronic music festival called UNDER in Riga. The festival has become a good tradition and is happening annually. It has hosted such names as SLAM, APPARAT, BYETONE, THROWING SNOW, KASPER BJØRKE, dOP, LUIGI TOZZI, SCHWEFELGELB, ARTEFAKT and many more electronic music artists.

The new beginning came in year 2022: Ksenia has founded two labels, releasing Latvian electronic music only. KĀDAS DOMAS is concentrated on ambient and experimental genres, while TĀDA GAITA is about techno, house and electro music.

During all these years Ksenia Kamikaza has played in more than 20 countries sharing stage with Ellen Allien, Klangkuenstler, Dax J, Fjaak, Vatican Shadow, Perc, Future.666, Radio Slave, Regal, D-Leria, Cassegrain, Flavia Laus, OCD, Esther Dune, Parallx, Farrago, Antigone, François X, Shlomo, Developer, Andhim, David Dorad, Fideles, Dario D’Attis, Mihai Popoviciu, Linny Hex, Liza Aikin, Thomas Hessler, Michael Mayer, Headless Horseman, Narciss, Ryan Elliott, Emmanuel, Sigha and others.

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